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Arnaud Leclercq - I don't see why IFC would not succeed (Capital Ideas)

I don't see why IFC would not succeed...

Arnaud Leclercq, partner and Head of the New Markets division at Lombard Odier Capital Partners, is also the author of a book "Russia: Power of

Capital Ideas, Russia
Arnaud Leclercq - Russia: the roadmap of changes (Voice of Russia)

Russia: the roadmap of changes

Interview with Arnaud Leclercq for "The Voice of Russia" in the context of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum of 15 February 2013.

The Voice of Russia
Arnaud Leclercq - Balancing Russia's contrasts

Balancing Russia's contrasts

Arnaud Leclercq was interviewed on 28 November 2012 by Nathan Gray for "The Moscow News". Here is the content of this interview.

The Moscow News, UAE
Arnaud Leclercq - Russian economy is now recovering from the 2008-2009 shock

Russian economy is now recovering from the 2008-2009 shock

Quick overlook on major economic aspects, Three aspects are creating some uncertainty for the near future...

Arnaud Leclercq - Russia's geopolitical role

Russia’s geopolitical role: Powerful partnerships may be the key to stability and prosperity

Geopolitical issues are now dominating the strategic thinking of the world’s great powers.

The Voice of Russia
Arnaud Leclercq - Russia's Eurasian horizons (PIR-Center)

Russia's Eurasian horizons

The place and role of Russia in the world of XXI century remains controversial discussion point among political scientists, economists, sociologists, and historians. What should seek the Russian state - to become a regional or global power...

Trialogue Club International, Russia
Arnaud Leclercq - Goodbye Greece, thanks for the memories (Wealth Arabia)

Goodbye Greece, thanks for the memories

Greece IS going, it's just a matter of time, says Arnaud Leclercq, Partner at Lombard Odier Capital Partners and Head of the New Markets.

Wealth Arabia, UAE
Arnaud Leclercq - Arnaud Leclercq, head of new markets, Lombard Odier (Gulf Business)

Arnaud Leclercq, head of new markets, Lombard Odier

Switzerland's Lombard Odier has bulked up its direct presence in the Gulf market at a remarkable rate over the last 12 months.

Gulf Business, UAE
Arnaud Leclercq - A private affair

A private affair

For seven generations, Lombard Odier & Cie has run its private banking operation with a distinctly Swiss approach committed to preserving, growing, and transmiting its clients’ wealth.

Venture Magazine, Jordania
Arnaud Leclercq - Peace of mind (The Business Year)

Peace of mind

TBY talks to Arnaud Leclercq, Head of Middle East, Eastern Europe & Central Asia at Lombard Odier, on the significance of the UAE, core bus

The Business Year, UAE


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Who is Arnaud Leclercq?

Arnaud Leclercq

Arnaud Leclercq is a banker with an atypical background, a PhD in geopolitics and a professor at HEC in Paris. An MBA from HEC and a graduate of Harvard, he is a recognized executive in the world of wealth management, particularly with emerging markets. His book «La Russie puissance d’Eurasie. Histoire géopolitique des origines à Poutine», published in France (2013) and Russia (2015), is now a reference. His analyses are regularly shared by the media.