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Arnaud Leclercq - Foreigners want to do business in Russia

Foreigners want to do business in Russia

Rumours arise from time to time that Moscow is an unfavourable city for business are greatly exaggerated. This is also the opinion of the General Manager of Russian Real Estate company Mr Arnaud Leclercq. And he has reasons for his statement - the results of the market survey which was done by his company among more than 210 foreign companies from 17 countries.

As it turned out, 90% of the companies are situated in Moscow and only 7% want to pursue their work also in St Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Volgograd... and Riga.

We consider that the purpose of our company is not only the brokerage activity, but also to work out the contracts, consultations for potential investors, valuations of the premises to let and other legal work. The main thing is a constant control over the real estate market, and eagerness to clarify the situation for our clients at any time. This market survey has been done on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France.

There are also some figures, which are also very interesting according to Arnaud Leclercq: 80% of all the companies have less than 20 employees, the staff of 10% of the companies is between 20 an 50 people and only 10% of the rest can afford to have a staff of more than 50 people. By the way, nearly nobody expressed a desire to enlarge the staff in the nearest three years. Accordingly, 40% of the companies have office space not more than 100 sqm, 30% 100-250 sqm and the rest more than 250 sqm.

The situation now in Russia is nor stable. But, nevertheless more than half of the companies, taking part in the survey, are interested in having a new office space, and besides, 60% of them intend to have their office only in the centre of the city.


Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Russia


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Qui est Arnaud Leclercq?

Arnaud Leclercq

Arnaud Leclercq is a banker with an atypical background, a PhD in geopolitics and a professor at HEC in Paris. An MBA from HEC and a graduate of Harvard, he is a recognized executive in the world of wealth management, particularly with emerging markets. His book «La Russie puissance d’Eurasie. Histoire géopolitique des origines à Poutine», published in France (2013) and Russia (2015), is now a reference. His analyses are regularly shared by the media.