Crimea and punishment (Russia Today)

Interview TV diffusée le 9 mars 2014 dans le magazine hebdomadaire économique (voir entre 02’00 et 07.00). Arnaud Leclercq y évoque les risques de sanctions économiques envers la Russie et conséquences.

This week Katie Pilbeam examines the likelihood of economic sanctions against Russia over the political tensions in Ukraine. With the Russia-EU economic relationship being one of mutual dependence, sanctions would also impact on the European economy. Plus – the CEO of Lloyds Bank gets set for a whopping $2.8 million dollar bonus in shares, as taxpayers grit their teeth with frustration. The Potash War could be set for a truce. The world’s most famous blonde turns 55 – no – not Katie! And Venture Capital welcomes a new addition to the team – keep watching and all will be re-wheeled!
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